About Us

About Us

Locally Owned and Serving the Wabash Valley Since 1972

Welcome to Meadows Manor Health & Rehabilitation

Meadows Manor North is a skilled nursing facility located in Terre Haute, Indiana. Since 1972, we have a long-standing tradition of caring for our aging community and providing quality skilled nursing services and rehabilitation in a comfortable, home-like environment.

Philosophy of Care

At Meadows Manor North, we are united in our mission to provide the highest level of care, respect and quality of life for our residents.  Our philosophy of care rests on the basic concept that each person served by our organization is a unique individual deserving to be cared for with the same respect and dignity we would provide to a member of our own family.


We are honored to serve our aging community and dedicated to provide a safe environment where residents can receive the care they need and maintain quality of life.

Meet Our Team

Passion is at the heart of what we do.  Every rehab guest and resident entrusted in our care is a part of our family.  Our dedicated medical team delivers quality enriched care that fosters happiness and promotes independence.

Wendy Baker, HFA Executive Director at Meadows Manor

Wendy Baker, HFA

Executive Director

Diane Brenton, RN Director of Nursing at Meadows Manor

Diane Brenton, RD

RN Director of Nursing

Niki Short, RN, Infection Control Specialist at Meadows Manor

Niki Short, RN

Infection Control Specialist

Leslie Morrison, Community Liaison at Meadows Manor

Leslie Morrison

Community Liaison

Show all of our team

Jamie Totten, RN, Rehab Unit Nursing Manager at Meadows Manor

Jamie Totten, RN

Rehab Unit Nursing Manager

Misty Pomeroy, Business Office Manager at Meadows Manor

Missy Pomeroy

Business Office Manager

Tasha Dashiell, Rehab Director at Meadows Manor

Tasha Dashiell, PTA

Rehabilitation Director

Ashley Wilson, Life Enrichment Director at Meadows Manor

Belinda Hawkins

Social Services Director

Belinda Hawkins, Social Services Director at Meadows Manor

Ashley Wilson

Life Enrichment Director

Diana Stanley-Newbold, Registered Dietitian at Meadows Manor

Diana Stanley-Newbold, RD

Registered Dietitian


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Our Mission

Provide peace of mind & fulfillment of lives, every day, by offering superior quality programs, services, and facilities to satisfy the needs of our community.

Our Vision

To be the premier organization for both our customers and our employees by continuously searching for improvement.

Our Values

We recognize that our organization is more than just a business.  It has been a staple in this community since 1960, providing employment and care for our friends and neighbors.  Our belief is that Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y. C.A.R.E. and the words that the acronym stands for is the foundation to this success.  They are the guiding principles to help each of us make the right choices.  They not only frame our decisions, but also guide our actions.  These values provide the framework for all of our relationships with our customers, staff, family members, and community at large.   



Providing the best possible for both our customers and our employees.



Be the best by working together to exceeding expectations.



Taking ownership of actions and results.



Motivate others to work together to find solutions not barriers and say how you can, not why you can’t.



Being the first to creatively use new techniques and technologies.



We work with integrity in everything we do, maintaining the highest compliance standards for ourselves and our facility partners.



People are the most important asset and aspect of what we do.



Exceptional care starts with empathy and compassion for those we serve.



Average is not something to aim for, it is something to get away with.  We seek excellence.



We have a deep respect for the lives of our customers, the companies we partner with, and our fellow co-workers.



Utilize efficient and effective business principles to achieve excellent service.

Featured Testimonials


“I highly recommend Meadow Manor North to anyone needing rehab. I had a suite to myself, which was so very nice–privacy if I wanted it but available to anyone who wanted or needed to see me. The therapists I had during my stay after knee replacement surgery were absolutely outstanding!”
Martha Rippy
“When we found ourselves in an unexpected situation with Mom’s needs. Meadows Manor North stepped up and helped every step of the way. I cannot say enough good things about the care Mom is getting and the emotional and mental support for our family… We love Meadows Manor North.”
Jackie Kelso

Common Questions

What insurances and payments are accepted?

Medicare, Indiana Medicaid and various private insurance plans as well as private pay.  Our billing manager is happy to review your insurance plan and provide you with your coverage information.

Does my loved one get 100 days of Medicare?

Most of the time, 100 days is not needed for a successful recovery. In order to be good stewards of your Medicare A benefit, our team along with your physician carefully craft a plan of care to provide the best recovery outcomes and return you home in the right and appropriate amount of time.

Traditional Medicare A provides skilled nursing benefits up to 100 days.  Days 1-20 are paid at 100% with no additional cost to the patient.  Days 21-100 are paid at 80% with the remainder billed to a secondary insurance or directly to the patient if no other insurance is on record.

When does Medicare stop paying for my stay?

Medicare monitors the progress of each patient during a skilled nursing stay. If a person continues to make progress, the skilled nursing benefit coverage will continue.  In times where a person cannot participate or have reached their highest level of function, Medicare may determine that skilled nursing is no longer needed.

Are the nurses onsite 24-hours a day?

Yes, registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) perform care 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We have RNs on every unit in addition to nurses who specialize in infection control, wound care and quality.

Will I have a private room?

Private rooms are available for skilled nursing and short-term recovery guests. Private and semi-private rooms are available for long term, respite and hospice residents.  We try to accommodate each person’s request and comfort level.

Can I bring personal items such as: furniture, pictures, etc.

Yes, you can bring items to make the room as close to home as possible.  Our private recovery suites are furnished with a bed, bedside table, lift recliner, dresser, TV, and phone.

Our long-term care private and semi-private rooms are furnished with a bed, beside table, dresser, TV and phone.  Most people like to bring in recliners from home and other personal items to make their extended stay more comfortable and similar to their home.

What items should I bring for my loved one?

It is recommended to bring the following items:

  • 4-5 outfits of comfortable active wear to perform therapy more easily.
  • Loose fitting shorts, slacks or sweatpants
  • Socks and sturdy low-heeled soles such as athletic shoes
  • Shoes with rubber soles
  • 4-5 outfits of comfortable sleepwear
  • Cell phone, tablet or other technology that they are accustomed to using

Here are some other items that are nice to remember to provide your loved one:

  • Favorite quilt or blanket to warm the body and soul
  • Favorite chair to provide comfort and familiarity
  • An item of spiritual importance to acknowledge their faith
  • Photos of loved ones to keep memories close to their heart

Is therapy provided 7 days a week?

Our physical, occupational and speech team is available 7 days a week.  Your therapy schedule and frequency are determined by your medical condition, your individualized recovery goals and input from your doctor.


Do you have Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes, we are certified for both Medicare and Medicaid.


Does Medicare pay for skilled nursing care?

Yes, if you meet the criteria established by Medicare such as being in the hospital for at least 3 days prior to admission.  You have 20 days paid in full by original Medicare per spell of illness.


Beginning on the 21st day there will be a co-insurance amount due per day.  If you do not have a Medicare supplement policy you will be considered self-insured and may be responsible for this co-insurance amount yourself.


What happens if the resident does not have the funds to pay for skilled nursing care?

Our office staff will assist you through the Medicaid process.


Do you offer transportation?

We provide complimentary transportation for all residents and short-stay rehab guests for doctor and dentist appointments.